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The Perfect Combination: Oven and Microwave Deals

oven and microwave comboValentine’s Day is almost here, and while major appliances may not be as romantic as jewelry or chocolate, our acclaimed showroom has plenty of ways to celebrate. One of the best chances for our visitors to share in the excitement of the season is to shop the combination deals and two-in-one machines available in the online store. In many cases, buyers who purchase multiple appliances together in a complete set can save on the package overall and ensure that every machine works well with the other included appliances. In addition, some appliances themselves have this same combo appeal, linking two or more separate machines into an intuitive, compact, and user-friendly solution. Electric wall oven and microwave combinations are among the most useful appliances in a modern kitchen, enabling synchronized preparation of a diverse array of meals.

Right now, at S&W Appliances, top combinations from leading manufacturers like Frigidaire are available with fantastic savings. Beyond the everyday discounts, many models are also eligible for rebates and other savings thanks to the efforts of S&W Appliances experts. Major appliance deals enable customers to enjoy the benefits of multiple machines at once, with an affordable investment and reliable performance. Contact a company representative today to get started, or browse the full inventory of combination major appliances for the kitchen online:

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Build a Home Theater with Advanced Audio Systems

Major AppliancesAt S&W Appliances, we’re best known for kitchen appliances and other day-to-day essentials: our Brooklyn showroom includes top-of-the-line refrigerators, dishwashers, grills and cooking equipment, and many more items engineered to optimize kitchen tasks. While many of our customers visit our showroom in person or browse online to find the perfect match for their kitchens, others turn to S&W Appliances for the highest-quality technology designed to fit other rooms in the home. Home theater systems are another major focus of our inventory that goes beyond the kitchen to deliver the optimal experience for the most affordable price in living rooms, dedicated media rooms, dens, bedrooms, and more.

A home theater system generally has an advanced television as its centerpiece: S&W Appliances has a number of LED TVs available, many of which include Smart TV functionality for more robust connectivity. A video player such as a DVD or Blu-ray player is also an essential for home viewing; S&W’s lineup of home theater systems includes 3D-capable models. Finally, a speaker system built to sync up with these home theater electronics enhances viewing and provides a more complete simulation of the cinema experience. S&W Appliances experts are on hand at the Brooklyn showroom and online to assist with any questions and ensure each customer finds the equipment they need for truly rewarding in-home viewing.

Major Appliances, S&W Appliances

Major Appliances: Quotes for Contractors and Designers

General Electric appliancesAt S&W Appliances, we’re best known for helping homeowners and tenants find the appliances they need to build their dreams, no matter their space or budget restrictions. As a fully-featured online showroom collecting the best models from the world’s most famous manufacturers, we’re a prime destinations for the consumer — but we also have a lot to offer professionals in the field. We enjoy close working relationships with a wide variety of contractors, designers, and other home industry leaders who regularly need access to a provider of major appliances. We allow these professionals to connect their own clients with truly rewarding machines that will provide enduring value over many years of regular use.

Our website features a convenient Request a Quote page that enables professional visitors to get a sense of available models and their prices. Through this form, our company specialists reach out to professional visitors and start a conversation that proceeds with an emphasis on customized, attentive service. We have a fantastic selection of appliances available to suit every need, from powerful machines well-suited to apartment buildings and corporate locations to energy-efficient models that can streamline day to day chores in the private home. Visit today and find out how our businesses can cooperate for mutual success.

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Dream Kitchen Savings from Dacor

dacor kitchenMany tenants and homeowners alike have dreams for their homes. Some want to create a dedicated formal dining space or set aside a room to be used as a personal office. Others want to complete landscaping projects and renovations to beautify their property. One of the most common goals among residents focuses on the kitchen. From decorating enthusiasts to at-home chefs and more, many people have a dream kitchen they want to build as a long-term goal. At S&W Appliances, we help our customers live this dream at every stage, from initial planning to purchasing the key major appliances all the way to the finishing touches and auxiliary machines that bring a kitchen to the next level.

One of the best ways we help our customers finish their dream kitchens is by sharing manufacturer deals, rebates, and packages that allow shoppers to save on high-end fixtures for the kitchen. One of the best current deals in our Brooklyn showroom and our digital storefront is offered by Dacor. This famous designer is now offering a choice of three free rewards for each $6,000 spent on their machines. The rewards include free appliances worth up to $3,189, as well as the option for Instant Savings. As a limited-time deal, this is the perfect way to bring a dream kitchen into reality.

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Get Informed: Savings on Major Home Appliances

major appliancesMajor appliances can transform a home, adding new functions and extra convenience in ways both straightforward and subtle. Most homeowners have a sense of what their kitchens and other busy rooms might need, but sometimes struggle to find the resources for an upgrade. At S&W Appliances, our mission is making it easier, more intuitive, and more rewarding to buy major appliances for every customer. We regularly offer shopping incentives, limited-time discounts, and special deals in our online store as well as our brick-and-mortar showroom. We even make it easy for our customers to take advantage of manufacturer deals and rebates when we get an opportunity to pass these savings on to our audience. One major way we can help a customer save on a high-end appliance is by offering a model that has some wear and tear that doesn’t impede function. While these models are sometimes called “scratch and dent” items, the truth is that they typically offer the same high performance at a more affordable price.

There are many other ways to save from S&W, including browsing items on clearance in the online store and visiting regularly to keep up with the new deals each day. Keep up with social media, read this blog, and look forward to many opportunities for savings this season.

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What To Look For In A Home Heater

major appliances for winter Winter is rapidly approaching. The weather reports are already starting to indicate a need for bundling up and piling on hats and scarves. Your home should be a place of comfort and warmth. While most houses come with built in major appliances that keep the home from dipping too low in temperature, it can be a challenge to figure out which to choose. A space heater is the perfect solution for heating any room in a hurry. With minimal cost outlay and increased standards in safety, space heaters have become a fixture in American homes. Struggling to decide which to buy? Consumer Reports offers a few tips.

Tips For Purchasing A Home Heater: 

  1. Type: Choose a fast heating option if you are more interested in quickly heating a couple of people, rather than a roomful of people. Consider larger heaters if you like the look of wood. Propane or kerosene heaters are strictly for screened-in porches and should never be used in your home.
  2. Safety: Look for a heater with a built in sensor that shuts the machine off if it overheats. Additionally, if your model is exceptionally tall, look for models that have a switch to quickly turn off the heater if there is a problem.
  3. Insist on a Fan: Buy models that come with a fan. Not only do they distribute the heat quickly, they have been shown to be safer as well.

Those are just some general guidelines. To learn more about how a specific heater ranks on Consumers Reports, check out this article.

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Get More For Your Dollar By Shopping Rebates

rebates on minor appliances In today’s economy, every dollar counts. Any saving qualifies as a big saving! Savvy shoppers are always on the hunt for new ways to save some money on the major appliances they need. Manufacturer rebates are the easiest way to accumulate discounts on your favorite brands. S&W Appliances offers rebates directly from the manufacturers and from our national buying group. By visiting the Rebate Center page on our website, you can browse the latest offers from top brands. With the multitude of discounts being offered, you’re sure to find a rebate that meets your needs. Here are the latest rebate offerings from S&W.

Top Rebates Offers For Appliances In Brooklyn

  1. Bosch Dishwasher Rebate: Get a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $50 with the purchase of a qualifying Bosch dishwasher. This offer is valid through the end of September, so act quickly!
  2. Samsung Bonus Rebates: Get up to $200 in an NECO Alliance Visa Reward Card by purchasing any qualifying Samsung Appliance. Offer is valid through October 14th and rebates must be postmarked by November 14th.
  3. Fisher and Paykel Dish Drawer and Laundry Pair Delivery and Installation Bonus: Earn up to $50 in NECO Alliance Visa Reward Cards with the purchase of qualifying Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer and Laundry Pairs. Offer is valid through October 14th and rebates must be postmarked by November 14th.

Visit our site’s Rebate Center page for a full listing of rebates designed to save you serious money!

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The Beauty of Packages

save money with package deals on major appliances No home renovation is complete without a new set of major appliances. Whether these be for the kitchen, laundry room or garage, major appliances are a large enough expenditure that they warrant significant consideration prior to purchasing. Before deciding on an appliance purchase, consider your needs. Are you looking to replace a single machine that’s gone haywire or are you looking to outfit a new home with appliances. If the latter option is the case, Appliance packages are often the route to take.

Why splurge for a package set of appliances instead of buying each piece individually? The answer lies in consistency. While every brand sold at S&W Appliances promises a reliable, long lasting machine, each brand has its own set of unique quirks. Doing the research, asking around for recommendations and settling on your favorite major appliance brand will give you the ability to skip the hassle of learning the ins and outs of multiple brands. Should a glitch arise in your appliance’s functioning, choosing a package set means that your repairman will be well versed in the complexities of each and every machine in your home. This can save you incredible amounts of time and money on appliance repairs in the future. Then there is the cost factor. Buying pieces individually, often one at a time, seems like a way to save money. Why buy a dishwasher, fridge and washing machine all at once when you can purchase the most needed item now and wait to recoup your financial outlay before buying the next piece? The answer lies in discounts. Our package deals reward you for sticking with one brand and getting all of your purchases out of the way in one shopping experience by offering significant discounts to the overall price.

Check out our package deals today to see what we mean! In one click, you appliance shopping can be finished for a decade!

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Retro Chic: 50s Style Refrigerators from Smeg

smeg major appliances 50s fridgeMajor appliances are most often selected for their function, rather than form: homeowners and decorators alike usually prioritize intuitive operation and top-tier features when shopping for a new machine. Still, style is an important aspect of any room, including a kitchen. S&W Appliances is a major appliances retailer with an understanding of aesthetic value. Our experts recommend products for our catalog based not only on the technical features, but also on the decor potential of every appliance. Some of the newest models from Smeg combine these two core values into a single, affordable, and striking machine. Pictured is the 50s Style Refrigerator with a left hand hinge and ice compartment in the Union Jack style.

This timeless symbol is a great addition to any home that features these bold primary colors. It’s also a smart way to celebrate a national identity or ideology. Smeg’s other available models in this series sport bright colors and sleek lines, allowing any owner to choose the appliance that best matches an existing decor plan or innovate in a new room with a central theme. At S&W Appliances, our team works to connect every shopper with the ideal appliance solutions. We’re the Brooklyn appliance experts.

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Beat Summer Heat with Portable Air Conditioning

air conditioner onlineWith summer in full swing, we’re helping an increasing population of site visitors and showroom guests select the best air conditioning units for their homes. It’s no surprise: these major appliances are efficient and affordable. They also address one of the most serious discomforts of the summer. Being overheated in an NYC apartment is a serious issue, but thankfully its solution is easy to deploy.

Many of the customers we’ve assisted over the last month have been interested in portable air conditioners. These units are similar in function to the standard window or wall models, but able to move from room to room on demand. Cooling every room in the home with a fixed air conditioner unit requires some setup, while a portable air conditioner provides a comfortable environment on demand. Perfect for entertaining and ideally suited to single occupants, these air conditioners are versatile and easy to use. We’re ready to introduce this convenient technology to a new audience and equip Brooklyn with the major appliances to get through the summer in style. Visit us at S&W Appliances online or in-store and get to know the local authority in the field. We’ll get you exactly what you need to upgrade your home.