She-Shed Essentials: Appliances For Your Lady Lair

Move over, man-cave: the she-shed has landed! She-sheds are women’s answer to the man-cave, a designated place for women to entertain, relax and engage in “the domestic arts” (or video games, beer, and mechanics–whatever floats your boat!). Need a clearer visual? Browse these then check out our top picks for furnishing your lady lair.



Climate Control

Your she-shed should be the apex of comfort. Keep the climate to your liking with a portable A/C unit for hot summer days, and a space heater for chilly evenings.



A Mini Fridge

Stock your she-cave with your favorite treats, secure in the knowledge that no pesky kids or men will devour them.



Wine Cooler or Cellar

Obviously. With models starting as low as $120, SW Appliances offers an enormous range of price points and sizes for your personal wine cooler or cellar. We suggest something small and compact, with a clear window to show off your taste in vintages.


Food Preparation Equipment

If cooking or baking is essential to your she-cave activities, you can integrate a full kitchen (just make sure the ventilation is there, wiring is good, etc.). If you’re more of a popcorn and pizza rolls kinda gal, a simple microwave should do just fine.


Movie buff, or just prefer to enjoy your favorite shows sans distractions? Then incorporate a TV into your she-cave!




For listening to your favorite music or podcasts, at any volume you please. Or try ambient noises, for a spa-serene experience.

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Summer Laundry Tips

Tis the season of swimsuits, barbeque sauce, popsicles, and gauzy garments–and with them, a unique set of laundry challenges. Unfortunately, sometimes washing machines and dryers can do more harm than good when used incorrectly to clean delicate summer clothes. Follow these tips to face some common summer laundry challenges.


 When to Machine Wash A Swimsuit

Swimsuits, especially those made of cotton or nylon, are not the most durable of garments. For this reason, they should normally be hand rinsed after each use. However, most suits can–and should–take a spin in the machine every 4 or 5 wears to remove more ingrained dirt, chemicals, salt, etc. Suits should always be washed in cold water on a delicate cycle. Preferably, they should be wrapped in a mesh bag to prevent too much damage, and at the very least should be in with other soft delicates, like hand towels. One exception to the washing machine rules? Suits with sequins or other embellishments, which should always be hand washed. Swimwear should always be air dried.




How to Machine Wash Linen Clothing

There’s something so light and luxurious about the feel of cool, clean linen on a hot summer day. However, linen garments can be notoriously vulnerable to the ravages of a machine wash. Linen garments should always be washed on your machine’s gentlest cycle, in lukewarm or cool water (not hot or cold). If possible, the water level should be set to high so that the garments move as freely as possible. Always wash linens with like colors and materials (no zippers or buttons, which can tear the delicate cloth) and use a mild deterge


Machine Washing Dark Clothing

The preservation of dark clothing often gets overlooked in summer, but little black dresses or navy polos can quickly fade in the intense summer sun. Cheer and similar brands offer detergent specifically formulated to keep your clothes “mysteriously dark and dramatic” (Cheer’s words, not ours), and can help mitigate UV damage.

These tips work best with a quality washing machine.Ready for an upgrade? Check out our full line of state of the art models here.

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Summer’s Almost Here! Four Tips For Buying an Air Conditioner

12625685_lSpring has sprung. That means sunshine, flowers, and relief from another brutal winter! But it also means the sweltering days of summer are just around the corner. Follow these tips to ensure your home is comfortable for all seasons.

Don’t wait until summer, when prices are highest. Right now, S&W Appliances offers some great sales and rebates on portable, window, and wall fit air conditioners. Besides–no one likes to do heavy lifting when it’s 80 degrees!


Bigger is not always better. Experts recommend one ton of refrigeration for every 320-400 square feet, depending on the efficiency of your unit. Oversize AC units tend to start and stop more often, which can raise your electric bill. Ask an associate to help you pick an air conditioner that meets your needs without going overboard. (http://archive.azcentral.com/style/hfe/diy/articles/20120611buying-air-conditioner-8-smart-strategies.html)


Check EPA ratings to save the earth (and money!). Units with an Energy Star rating have been approved by the EPA as being significantly more efficient that the federal minimum standard. These units will also have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) between 13-21. The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.

Look into warranty options. Anyone who’s been stuck in a hot home with a broken AC knows that it’s not a fun situation to be in. A good warranty ensures that if you have any issues with your unit they’ll be addressed, so be sure to check what options are available with your unit before you buy.

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Think Outside The Bun and Try Grilling These

At summer cookouts, brats and burgers may reign supreme– but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options! Try grilling these at your next outdoor shindig and see if you can find some new faves!


5891465574_fa2e8c73c6_oGrilled Peaches  

What’s sweeter than a peach? A grilled peach, halved and served with whipped cream!


Pineapple Slices

The heat of the flame helps caramelize this sweet fruit, giving it a nice bit of added texture. Serve with ice cream and brown sugar.


Portobello Mushroom Caps

Portobellos are super versatile– try marinating them in a vinaigrette pre-grill. They can make a great substitute for burgers for any vegetarian or health conscious guests!

 Mexican Grilled Corn

Just toss a husked cob on the grill and cook until slightly charred. Then, top with mayo, sour cream, cilantro, and parmesan cheese. Serve with lime.

Citrus Garnish

Add some complexity to sweet summer cocktails by grilling your lemon or lime garnish.

Flatbread Pizzas

Making your own flatbreads on the grill is surprisingly simple. Just flatten some premade dough, spread lightly with olive oil, grill, flip, add your desired toppings and ta da! It’s a fun new spin on pizza night.



For a sweet and salty treat, try grilling watermelon then sprinkling with sea salt.


Ready to throw a delicious cookout? Now’s a better time than ever! Check out our Chill and Grill special to learn how you can get a $500 rebate and the purchase of Viking grills, cabinets, carts, and ice machines. You can download the flyer at http://www.swappliances.com/flyers.html.


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Find Daily Deals on Major Appliances

major appliancesShopping for new appliances? You’re not alone. Spring is an especially popular time for homeowners and tenants alike to revitalize their homes with the latest technology. It’s also a great time to save ahead of the summertime rush on cooling appliances and air control units. At S&W Appliances, we’re seeing more and more customers every day visiting our online showroom to browse deals on appliances from the world’s top brands. Our experts have been busy making recommendations and coordinating with our customers to ensure every visitor to our site gets the maximum value from their purchases. We’ve expanded our lineup of customer incentives to make shopping this season an even more rewarding experience.

One of the best ways we allow our customers to save on the world-class appliance selection we offer is through a consistently-updated suite of daily deals. Each day, our experts curate a diverse selection of appliances and feature their favorites with limited-time discounts. With regular visits, customers can be sure they’ll see the best prices on the most popular appliances of the season. Looking through each day’s deals is also a great way to get inspired: you might not know the appliance that would perfectly complete a room in your home until you see it! Visit http://www.swappliances.com to get started.

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Save Now on Air Control: Air Conditions and More This Spring

air-conditionerAir conditioning and temperature control are major considerations for most homeowners and contractors during the warmer months. When a heat wave hits, our experts find themselves recommending air conditioner units and other major appliances to customers planning to use them at once. Over many years in the appliances business, we’ve found that an early purchase pays off in multiple ways. First and foremost, appliance customers who invest in air conditioners before the hot weather arrives can use their machines on the first hot day and enjoy temperate indoor conditions right from the start. In addition, customers at S&W Appliances who shop regular incentives, promotions, and limited-time deals will discover that buying an air conditioner before the rush is a smart way to find a bargain.

S&W Appliances has an online appliances showroom that allows customers to browse air conditions by category, from window models to wall fit air conditions, portable air conditioners, and more. Visitors to the site can also shop by size as well as cooling power and square footage covered. With models available from all major appliance brands and numerous rebates, discounts, and other savings featured in the online store, now is the perfect time to prepare for a fantastic spring and summer.

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New Arrivals: S&W Appliances’ Miele Display

SW MieleS&W Appliances is Brooklyn’s top destination for major appliances, carrying the most exciting variety of machines from the world’s best manufacturers. Homeowners, tenants, and professionals all visit our company’s showroom or browse the online gallery to find appliances designed to meet a wide range of in-home needs. We’re committed to our customers, providing abundant shopper incentives and connecting our visitors with manufacturer rebates that enable even greater savings. Our dedication even goes beyond prices to our company’s inventory: when our experts find an innovative new machine with unique modern functionality, we update our selection to ensure every guest has a chance to incorporate the newest technology into their home or business. To that end, we’re proud to announce the new Miele display at S&W Appliances.

The Miele display collects the latest Miele appliances and allows visitors to browse refrigerators, cooking appliances, laundry and clean-up machines, and more. Miele is at the forefront of appliance design, living up to a legacy of tech advancements and mechanical improvements with some of the most cutting-edge appliances in the field. Cooking enthusiasts, at-home chefs, and restaurant professionals have trusted Miele for decades: now, with the brand new display of the company’s major appliances live at S&W Appliances, every customer can discover what has made this brand famous: http://www.swappliances.com/by-brand/mie/Miele.html

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The Perfect Combination: Oven and Microwave Deals

oven and microwave comboValentine’s Day is almost here, and while major appliances may not be as romantic as jewelry or chocolate, our acclaimed showroom has plenty of ways to celebrate. One of the best chances for our visitors to share in the excitement of the season is to shop the combination deals and two-in-one machines available in the online store. In many cases, buyers who purchase multiple appliances together in a complete set can save on the package overall and ensure that every machine works well with the other included appliances. In addition, some appliances themselves have this same combo appeal, linking two or more separate machines into an intuitive, compact, and user-friendly solution. Electric wall oven and microwave combinations are among the most useful appliances in a modern kitchen, enabling synchronized preparation of a diverse array of meals.

Right now, at S&W Appliances, top combinations from leading manufacturers like Frigidaire are available with fantastic savings. Beyond the everyday discounts, many models are also eligible for rebates and other savings thanks to the efforts of S&W Appliances experts. Major appliance deals enable customers to enjoy the benefits of multiple machines at once, with an affordable investment and reliable performance. Contact a company representative today to get started, or browse the full inventory of combination major appliances for the kitchen online: http://www.swappliances.com/_CGI/SEARCH3?MINOR=ER:ERWALCM

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Build a Home Theater with Advanced Audio Systems

Major AppliancesAt S&W Appliances, we’re best known for kitchen appliances and other day-to-day essentials: our Brooklyn showroom includes top-of-the-line refrigerators, dishwashers, grills and cooking equipment, and many more items engineered to optimize kitchen tasks. While many of our customers visit our showroom in person or browse online to find the perfect match for their kitchens, others turn to S&W Appliances for the highest-quality technology designed to fit other rooms in the home. Home theater systems are another major focus of our inventory that goes beyond the kitchen to deliver the optimal experience for the most affordable price in living rooms, dedicated media rooms, dens, bedrooms, and more.

A home theater system generally has an advanced television as its centerpiece: S&W Appliances has a number of LED TVs available, many of which include Smart TV functionality for more robust connectivity. A video player such as a DVD or Blu-ray player is also an essential for home viewing; S&W’s lineup of home theater systems includes 3D-capable models. Finally, a speaker system built to sync up with these home theater electronics enhances viewing and provides a more complete simulation of the cinema experience. S&W Appliances experts are on hand at the Brooklyn showroom and online to assist with any questions and ensure each customer finds the equipment they need for truly rewarding in-home viewing.

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Major Appliances: Quotes for Contractors and Designers

General Electric appliancesAt S&W Appliances, we’re best known for helping homeowners and tenants find the appliances they need to build their dreams, no matter their space or budget restrictions. As a fully-featured online showroom collecting the best models from the world’s most famous manufacturers, we’re a prime destinations for the consumer — but we also have a lot to offer professionals in the field. We enjoy close working relationships with a wide variety of contractors, designers, and other home industry leaders who regularly need access to a provider of major appliances. We allow these professionals to connect their own clients with truly rewarding machines that will provide enduring value over many years of regular use.

Our website features a convenient Request a Quote page that enables professional visitors to get a sense of available models and their prices. Through this form, our company specialists reach out to professional visitors and start a conversation that proceeds with an emphasis on customized, attentive service. We have a fantastic selection of appliances available to suit every need, from powerful machines well-suited to apartment buildings and corporate locations to energy-efficient models that can streamline day to day chores in the private home. Visit today and find out how our businesses can cooperate for mutual success.