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Energy Star: Effective and Eco-Friendly

None of us want to see this Earth reduced to a barely functioning organism (as the environmentalists insist will happen if we continue as we are), but we also have grown accustomed to a lifestyle that does not always lend itself to roughing it in the name of Eco-friendliness. While we all want to be seen as Earth crusaders, few of us are willing to actually wash our own dishes or wash and dry our laundry. Thankfully for us, all major appliances with the Energy Star seal allow us to comfortably inhabit both worlds. We can go about our daily lives, with all our conveniences, without guilt.

Energy Star products use less energy, help you save more money on electric bills and help protect the environment. If everyone made the commitment to only purchase appliances in Brooklyn with the Energy Star seal, it would be a huge step towards imagining a world in which everyone worked together to use the readily available tools and technology to help save the environment.

SW Appliances offers Energy Star appliances in every category, from kitchen appliances to air conditioners. We believe in quality products and protecting our Earth, in equal measure. Check out the selection and do your part for our world.


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