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Kitchen Ventilation

appliances BrooklynCooking at home is not only affordable and intimate, but it also allows you to have full control over exactly what goes into your meals. However, it’s not without its downsides. Washing dishes and cleaning up the messy aftermath can prove discouraging and have you reaching for the takeout menus in no time.

But taking steps to lessen the mess could make the prospect of cooking your own meals more enticing. An essential kitchen fixture (as well as the usual major appliances) is a kitchen ventilation system. Kitchen ventilation is important for the following reasons:

  1. Removal of cooking grease, odors, smoke and other fumes at the source, i.e. as close to the cooking equipment as possible.
  2. Removal of excess hot air and introduction of clean, cool air so that a comfortable temperature and cooking environment is achieved; this is especially important in professional kitchens where excess hot air can lead to sweating, stressed out staff.
  3. Provision of sufficient air for complete combustion at fired major appliances and the prevention of carbon monoxide buildup.
  4. Prevention of fat residue buildup.

S&W Appliances offers a comprehensive selection of appliances in Brooklyn, including all types of kitchen ventilation systems from convertible hoods to ducted hoods, ductless hoods to professional hoods.


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